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Since the Covid-19 quarantine began, most agencies have been providing virtual services and managing their client data remotely.  NFPN’s web database services have been very helpful for many programs during this time.  For several years, we’ve partnered with a company in the United States to provide this service, and we’re excited to announce an additional partnership with a web database company in Australia!

Both of these web databases can be accessed from any internet-connected device and they are user-friendly.  The web database developers worked with NFPN to design the databases specifically for use with our assessment tools (NCFAS-G, NCFAS-G+R, Trauma/Well-Being).

The databases include the following features to meet the needs of workers:

  • Accessible through the internet
  • Unique identifier in order to easily track families
  • Demographics on caregivers and children (age, gender, race, ethnicity, living situation at case opening/closure, reasons for referral, etc.)
  • Quick access to scale definitions to assist in completing ratings
  • Indicators/graphs to inform workers of status of completion of ratings on assigned families
  • Case plan form that guides the worker in developing goals and services
  • Immediate access to reports on progress of any family or all families
  • Ability to print reports, save data and reports in .pdf format, or export to Excel

And these features meet the needs of supervisors and administrators:

  • Unique family code to ensure confidentiality
  • Ability to track each worker’s progress with families
  • Requirement for 100% entry of opening/closing ratings (no missing ratings)
  • Reporting features on both incomplete and completed cases that show the number and the percent of families at each domain, number of families that are at baseline/above, number of families with problem ratings (mild, moderate, serious)
  • Immediate access to reports and status of completion of ratings on families
  • Customizable to meet additional needs of an agency

These web databases are available, for initial setup and annual fees, with the purchase of an NFPN assessment tool.  The fees, paid to the developer, include tech support.

Many people have noted that the shift to working remotely and providing virtual services to some extent will continue long after the Covid crisis has passed.  The need to access data remotely existed well before this and will likely continue from now on.  If you’re interested in subscribing to these database services, please contact me at director@nfpn.org.  

Michelle Reines, Executive Director

National Family Preservation Network

www.nfpn.org | 888-498-9047

Spanish NCFAS-G+R & T/WB Online Training

The National Family Preservation Network is proud to announce the release of the Spanish NCFAS-G+R & T/WB Online Training!  This training is presented by Dr. Esteban Gómez-Muzzio through the America for Children Foundation (Fundación América por la Infancia) in Chile. 

For many years, NFPN has been privileged to partner with Dr. Gómez.  He holds a master’s degree in clinical psychology and a doctorate in psychology, and he is the executive director of Fundación América por la Infancia.  Dr. Gómez translated the NCFAS-G+R and T/WB scales into Spanish. He also provides in-person training to agencies in Chile and online trainings on other topics through his agency’s website.

With this training, participants learn how to use the NCFAS-G+R and T/WB Scales and can receive educational credits.  The target audiences are social workers, psychologists, lawyers, occupational therapists, early childhood educators, sociologists and other related professionals who work with children and families in various contexts.  The overall objective is to promote an understanding of the theoretical and technical competencies of comprehensive family assessment using the NCFAS G+R and T/WB Scales.

Course contents:

  • Video Introduction by NFPN
  • 5 Videos of Classes
  • 5 Comprehension Quizzes
  • Practical training activities:

-Video presentation of a case to be evaluated

-Activity for scoring the NCFAS G+R scale

-Reporting activity with results of the NCFAS-G+R

  • Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Suggested readings throughout the chapters
  • Extra material to enhance knowledge

For more information, please follow this link:


or email Dr. Gómez at esteban.gomez@americaporlainfancia.com.

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