*New* Assessment Questions

NFPN is pleased to announce that we have developed assessment questions to accompany the updated NCFAS-G, NCFAS-G+R and T/WB packages. These questions will help prepare you to work with families in discussing and reflecting on each domain and subscale.

If you have already upgraded to the new NCFAS-G, NCFAS-G+R and/or T/WB packages, then you should have received these assessment questions recently. All other new customers for the updated tools will receive the assessment questions as part of their package(s).

We certainly believe that these questions will be very helpful in assessing families, but we also want to emphasize that they are not to be used as a checklist with the families. They are intended to be a guide to obtaining information. Please continue to follow the definitions in the NCFAS-G, NCFAS-G+R and T/WB tools as you determine your ratings for the subscales. 

We developed these questions in collaboration with the Bair Foundation in Pennsylvania. We are very grateful to them for their help with this project!

To purchase the updated tool packages which include these new assessment questions, please either complete this price form request https://www.nfpn.org/contact-us/get-a-quote/ or contact me at director@nfpn.org or 888-498-9047.

Thank you!

Posted by Michelle Reines, NFPN Executive Director


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