2020 Annual Report

The National Family Preservation Network (NFPN) annual report describes NFPN’s mission and governing structure, major projects during the year and funding information. A financial report is included.

Mission and Governance

NFPN’s mission is to serve as the primary voice for the preservation of families. This is achieved through initiatives in the areas of Intensive Family Preservation Services (IFPS), Intensive Family Reunification Services (IFRS) and father-involvement.

At the beginning of 2020, NFPN had seven members on the board of directors. During the year, two more board members were added. At the end of the year, one board member’s term expired, so the current number of board members is eight. The board conducted its work and oversight through six bi-monthly video conferences and ad-hoc committee conference calls. In addition to board-related work, the board members donated their time and expertise by providing training and consultation.

NFPN voluntarily meets standards established by the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance National Standards for Charity Accountability. An annual financial review is performed by an outside auditor. The board members and executive director sign an annual declaration regarding conflict of interest and non-compete policies.

Assessment Tools

NFPN provides tools with training packages for use by practitioners, including the North Carolina Family Assessment Scales (NCFAS) and Trauma/Well-Being scales (T/WB), plus father involvement curricula. In the past seven years, these tools and training packages have been purchased by more than 950 agencies in the United States and over 20 other countries.   

During the past year, 60+ agencies purchased one or more assessment tools and training packages for 1,155 workers. In turn, these workers will use the tools with over 23,100 families.  More than a third of agencies purchasing assessment tools were from countries outside the U.S. 

There has been increasing use of the web database for the assessment tools provided by Integrated Imaging. In 2020, NFPN also contracted with Community Data Solutions in Australia to provide a web database for agencies there. NFPN receives a percentage of the annual customer fees paid to these companies.  

Training and Technical Assistance

NFPN board member, Sheila Searfoss, provided in-person NCFAS-G+R trainer certification to 9 attendees from TIES (TN), Lutheran Services (IN), Hillside (GA) and Coastal Horizons Center (NC) in January. Executive director, Michelle Reines, conducted an in-person NCFAS-G training to 24 general trainees and 10 trainees who received trainer certification at Beacon Health Options (CT) in February. Due to the Covid-19 quarantine, NFPN transitioned to live, online trainings for the rest of the year. These trainings included approximately 35 participants at Citrus Family Care Network (FL), 10 participants at Easter Seals (NH), 30 participants at Gila River Tribal Social Services (AZ), 90 participants through the University of Connecticut/Department of Children & Families and 18 participants at the Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh. NFPN has refined its online training process and will likely continue to have the option of virtual training from now on. 

Dr. Esteban Gómez Muzzio at “Fundación América por la Infancia” in Chile developed an online training series on the NCFAS tools in Spanish, which was launched in the summer. It has been completed by more than 500 participants, and it can be accessed at: https://academia.americaporlainfancia.com/catalog/view.php?id=112.

Tim Ryan at “Ryan & Sons” in Australia conducted in-person and online trainings on the NCFAS and T/WB Scales throughout the year. Although there were a few cancellations due to Covid-19, he was able to conduct a total of six trainings for 139 participants.

In addition, a board member recorded a video training on the T/WB scales which is now available to customers. Also, a board member provided a live, online training on Motivational Interviewing to the TIES program at Centerstone in Tennessee.

Website & Social Media

NFPN completed an extensive process of redesigning its website. The new website is considerably more user-friendly than the previous one and it is mobile-accessible. NFPN published the monthly blog, NFPN News Notes, on NFPN’s website, Facebook and LinkedIn pages, as well as distributing it to the email list. Training activities were also posted on the social media pages.

“Remote Services During Covid-19” Report

The Covid-19 pandemic and quarantine had a significant impact on family-serving agencies and their clients. NFPN sought to support these agencies through virtual training and technical assistance. NFPN also sought to assemble guidance for service delivery by collecting information about how agencies adapted during the quarantine. Seven agencies completed a questionnaire regarding their actions and experiences. NFPN compiled a report of their responses, which was posted on the website and social media pages and sent to the email list. This report was published in the Child Welfare League of America’s journal in January 2021.


Major sources of revenue in 2020 were sales of tool packages and training fees. Administrative costs represented 13.8%of expenses.

Financial Report

Actual: Jan-Dec
2021 Proposed
NCFAS & T/WD Packages$100,000$96,669$100,000
Fatherhood Packages$500$1,100$500
Training/TA, Consulting$17,000$27,395$20,000
Database Commissions$2,500$2,070$2,500
Grants, Donations$150$210$200
Bank Balance end of previous year$83,562$83,562$98,626
TOTAL REVENUE$203,712$211,006$221,826
Executive Director$85,000$85,000$85,000
Consultants, Training/TA$1,000$500$2,500
Professional Fees$3,600$2,112$1,000
Audit, Tax Preparation$2,000$2,000$2,500
Evidence-Based Model$10,000 $40,000
Training Packages/Video/Online$0 $2,000
Conferences, Workshops   $500            $2,000
In-Person Board Meeting$0 $2,000
Telephone, Video-Conferencing$1,200$1,105$1,200
Website Management/Social Media$10,000$9,799$4,000
Printing & Reproduction$1,000$88$1,000
PO Box/Postage/Delivery$250$204$500
Dues, Subscriptions, Publications$50$10$200
Bank & Vendor Fees$3,000$2,923$6,600
D & O Insurance$900$924$1,000
TOTAL EXPENDITURES$126,350$112,380$159,500

*Please note, the budget was revised in mid-2020 to reflect changes in revenue and expenses due to Covid-19.

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