Spanish NCFAS-G+R & T/WB Online Training

The National Family Preservation Network is proud to announce the release of the Spanish NCFAS-G+R & T/WB Online Training!  This training is presented by Dr. Esteban Gómez-Muzzio through the America for Children Foundation (Fundación América por la Infancia) in Chile. 

For many years, NFPN has been privileged to partner with Dr. Gómez.  He holds a master’s degree in clinical psychology and a doctorate in psychology, and he is the executive director of Fundación América por la Infancia.  Dr. Gómez translated the NCFAS-G+R and T/WB scales into Spanish. He also provides in-person training to agencies in Chile and online trainings on other topics through his agency’s website.

With this training, participants learn how to use the NCFAS-G+R and T/WB Scales and can receive educational credits.  The target audiences are social workers, psychologists, lawyers, occupational therapists, early childhood educators, sociologists and other related professionals who work with children and families in various contexts.  The overall objective is to promote an understanding of the theoretical and technical competencies of comprehensive family assessment using the NCFAS G+R and T/WB Scales.

Course contents:

  • Video Introduction by NFPN
  • 5 Videos of Classes
  • 5 Comprehension Quizzes
  • Practical training activities:

-Video presentation of a case to be evaluated

-Activity for scoring the NCFAS G+R scale

-Reporting activity with results of the NCFAS-G+R

  • Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Suggested readings throughout the chapters
  • Extra material to enhance knowledge

For more information, please follow this link:

or email Dr. Gómez at

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