NFPN in Nashville

A few weeks ago, Sheila Searfoss (NFPN board member) and I went to Nashville, TN.  We didn’t go for country music or hot chicken, instead we were there to conduct a Trainer Certification on the NCFAS-G+R tool.  We were hosted by Centerstone, which is one of the nation’s largest behavioral healthcare organizations.  Centerstone provides a full range of mental health services, substance abuse treatment, intellectual and developmental disability services, housing, educational services and community supports for people of all ages.  It has programs in Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee.  Centerstone also has an institute that leads the mental health industry through research and technology, and military services to care for active members, veterans and their families.  Centerstone serves more than 63,000 people each year throughout their locations in the middle Tennessee area.

The NCFAS-G+R Trainer Certification participants came from a variety of agencies and states. Some were from Centerstone’s Therapeutic Intervention, Education & Skills program, while others joined us from agencies in Georgia, North Carolina and Indiana.

The NCFAS-G+R Trainer Certification is a combination of instruction and group exercises.  It consists of one-day of training on family assessments, benefits and history of the NCFAS-G+R, components of the tool and rating system, assigning ratings based on a case study, and using the ratings to develop a service plan.  On day two, participants present mini-trainings to assess their presentation skills and they take a written test to verify their knowledge.  Upon completion of the Trainer Certification, participants receive certificates which allow them to provide trainings on the NCFAS-G+R for the following three years.

Our visit to Nashville wasn’t the first time NFPN conducted a training in which participants from several locations attended, and it won’t be the last.  We don’t have another multi-agency Trainer Certification planned at this time, but we’d like to set up another one later this year.  So, we’re putting out the call for agencies that would be interested in hosting and/or participating in a future NCFAS-G+R Trainer Certification.

In order to have a training, we need a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 14 participants.  The cost per participant will be $375 and the hosting agency will get a discounted rate of $325 per person.  These costs cover the training and materials only.  Travel, lodging and meals will be paid by agencies/participants.  In addition, all participants must be licensed to use the NCFAS tools.

If you’re interested in hosting/attending a NCFAS-G+R Trainer Certification, please contact me at 888-498-9047 or

We look forward to seeing you in the classroom!

Posted by Michelle Reines, NFPN Executive Director

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