Meet the Board …

The National Family Preservation Network is truly “national”.  In fact, NFPN’s assessment tools, training packages and services are used by over 1,000 agencies nationwide and in 20 other countries.  The folks who serve NFPN, whether as contractors or board members, are spread across the United States.  For this reason, conference calls and Zoom meetings are the norm for us here.  Modern technology is great, but sometimes it’s nice, and important, to get together face-to-face.  So, once a year the board of directors pick a location and come together to have an in-person meeting, or “board retreat” if you will.

We recently had our annual board meeting near Atlanta, Georgia.  It was a great time to socialize and strategize!  We brainstormed lots of ideas to implement in the near, mid and somewhat distant future.  My head was spinning after the meeting, but I was also very excited to organize and plan NFPN’s future endeavors.  I look forward to revealing these plans and reporting on our progress in the months and years to come.  For now, I want to take this opportunity to introduce you to our amazing board of directors:

Anne Cornell, Chair
Executive Director
First Home Care                                                                                             Silver Spring, Maryland


Elizabeth S. McNamee, Vice-Chair
Director, Organizational Development & Training
Canopy Children’s Services
Jackson, Mississippi


Sheila Searfoss, Secretary
Family Facets
Columbia, Missouri


Patricia Mowry, Treasurer
Vice President Program Development
Health Connect America, Inc.
Tyrone, Georgia


Marc Crandall
Program Supervisor, CAT
Lifestream Behavioral Center
Eustis, Florida


Ryan Estes
Treatment Operations Director
Coastal Horizons Center
Wilmington, North Carolina


Todd Hickman
Chief Clinical Officer/Co-Founder
Health Connect America, Inc.
Memphis, Tennessee

I wish to express my deep appreciation to all of these board members.  They are a continuous source of support … and inspiration for an exciting future!

Posted by Michelle Reines, NFPN Executive Director

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