Change is in the Air

The National Family Preservation Network recently moved its headquarters to Asheville, North Carolina.  Even though we’re in the South and it’s still technically summer, in the evening and early morning you can sense that autumn is coming.  In places where schools are on traditional schedules, the kids have gone back to class and families are adjusting to new routines.  Soon the temperature will drop, the leaves will change colors and the seasons will transition.  People will assemble for sporting events, holiday gatherings and opportunities to enjoy nature.

Here at NFPN, we’ve gone through a significant transition with a new executive director and our previously mentioned move, but there’s more … We’re working to expand our presence both nationally and internationally.  Part of this expansion is the development of social media on Facebook and Linked In.  Please visit our new pages, then “like”, “follow” and “share” them.  Let us know what you think:

In addition, we’re making an adjustment to our monthly blogs.  We’re phasing out the “Preserving Families” blog and consolidating it with our “NFPN News Notes” blog.  Subscribers will continue to receive “NFPN News Notes” on a monthly basis and, as always, it will be posted on our website,, plus now it will also be on our social media pages.

On a national level, many of you are working toward changes based on the Family First Prevention Services Act and other initiatives.  At NFPN, we’re exploring ways to support these efforts with existing products and services, as well as new things coming down the pike.  We’re streamlining some areas, so we can expand in others.  We’re honored to have so many dedicated professionals collaborating with us in these endeavors.  It’s an exciting time!  Stay tuned …


Posted by Michelle Reines, NFPN Executive Director

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