Fall Resources

The fall season brings a new fiscal year for the federal government and many states. This means agencies are starting new programs and looking for information and resources. Let’s get started!

Assessment Tools

At the beginning and end of the fiscal and calendar years, NFPN sees an increase in customers wanting the assessment tools.  That’s a good indicator agencies are using the tools with new and expanded programs.  Here is some information to consider when looking for an assessment tool:

  • Choose only reliable and valid assessment tools that have a proven track record and that include training, technical assistance, and ongoing research. Otherwise your agency is not only wasting time and money but the families you want to help will have poor outcomes.
  • Policy makers, administrators, and funders want to see reports that show how quality assessments are helping families. The new web database for the NCFAS tools provides report features that can be quickly generated and shared and that include data on both individual and aggregate families.
  • All federal programs and many state programs require trauma-informed practice. NFPN’s Trauma/Post-Trauma Well-Being scale fits the bill as an assessment tool that measures trauma indicators and post-trauma healing.  It’s a comprehensive yet inexpensive tool for initiating trauma-informed practice.
  • There has been a growing increase in the use of assessment tools by home visiting programs and schools. The NCFAS-G is the recommended tool for this use, and NFPN has a new training case example for school-based programs.

For information on all of the assessment tools visit http://www.nfpn.org/assessment-tools

NFPN has arranged for onsite training on the assessment tools for our customers in Australia and Chile.  Contact NFPN for more details. 

Onsite Training

NFPN is now offering an array of onsite training on a variety of topics including Motivational Interviewing, Assessment/Treatment of substance use disorders, Relapse Prevention, Clinical Supervision, Trauma-Informed Care, and many more.

Please contact NFPN to see how we can meet your training needs: director@nfpn.org, 888-498-9047.

Father Involvement

The Fathers and Families Center in Indianapolis celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. The Center provides services for fathers on parenting, education, and work skills as well as co-parenting classes and couples counseling for both moms and dads.  For more information on this high-quality center visit https://www.fatherhood.gov/sites/default/files/Resource%20Files/approved_spotlight_fathers_and_families_center_8-17-18_508.pdf

The Safe and Together Institute has a paper on being father-inclusive in child welfare cases that involve domestic violence.  The Institute is a national leader in balancing the need to work with fathers involved in domestic violence while protecting mothers and children.  Anyone working with these families should read this article: https://safeandtogetherinstitute.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/OH_FYLAW_Working-with-Men-as-Parents-Brief_July-2018.pdf

James McHale, University of South Florida, is conducting research on father involvement and domestic violence.  In a current study, only 15% of the families were considered unsafe for participation.  For more information visit http://www.usfsp.edu/family-study-center/

Teen Drug Use

Teens are becoming addicted to a non-opioid drug, see file:///C:/Users/User/Documents/Opioids–Xanax.html

Free classroom lessons/resources for K-12 to prevent drug misuse are available here: https://www.operationprevention.com/classroom

Posted by Priscilla Martens

NFPN Executive Director

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