New Year–New Resources

The National Family Preservation Network (NFPN) is kicking off the new year with some new resources in addition to our ongoing resources:

NFPN has a new blog, Preserving Families.  The content will differ from the NFPN News Notes so readers are encouraged to follow both blogs.  You can access the blogs from the home page of the website, Use this link to directly access Preserving Families Blog:

The new blog will cover all in-home services, including preventive services, as well as services to avert out-of-home placement and to reunify families following placement.

Preserving Families begins the year with a focus on practitioner training.  NFPN is offering online courses on family preservation and in-home services. The trainer, Sheila Searfoss, has a wealth of knowledge and experience providing training in the state of Missouri on Intensive Family Preservation Services and in-home services.

A series of three courses will be offered with the first set scheduled for March 10, 17, and 24 at 10:30 a.m. Central Time.  The cost will be $50 per course or you can take all three courses for $100.  Register by contacting NFPN’s Executive Director, Priscilla Martens,  For a description of courses, visit the Preserving Families Blog,

NFPN has published a new fatherhood report, Integrating and Sustaining Father Involvement. This is NFPN’s 7th publication on father involvement.  It summarizes 15 years of observations and review of research findings, and culminates in the urgent call to integrate and sustain father involvement in programs, policies, and practice.  NFPN is seeking agencies that would like to partner with us to develop a model for integrating and sustaining father involvement in best practice.  To read the report, visit   If you’re interested in partnering with NFPN on this issue, contact

To view all of NFPN’s father involvement resources visit:

NFPN continues to offer top-ranked assessment tools that measure family functioning.  The NCFAS family of tools are in use by over 1,000 agencies in 20 countries.  Last year one-third of the agencies purchasing the tools were from outside the U.S. The most recent version of the tool, Trauma/Post-Trauma Well-Being was released in 2015, and a research report on the findings has been published in the Journal of Public Child Welfare.  To obtain information on all of the assessment tools visit

Training and Technical Assistance are available on all of NFPN’s products.  NFPN is moving to online training to expand our reach and to meet the demands of agencies for a quick response to training needs.  Please let us know if we can be of assistance for training and technical assistance.

Priscilla Martens, Executive Director



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