New Assessment Tool for Trauma and Well-Being

Following two years of development and field-testing, the National Family Preservation Network (NFPN) is pleased to offer the first-of-its-kind assessment tool for Trauma and Post-Trauma Well-Being. The two Trauma/Well-Being (T/WB) domains now join 10 other domains in the North Carolina Family Assessment Scale (NCFAS) family of tools.

Trauma Domain

The Trauma domain assists workers to become aware of the symptoms and indicators of trauma and to assess for trauma and the degree of severity.

The Trauma domain comprises the following subscales:

  • Traumatic Sexual Abuse of Child(ren)
  • Traumatic Physical Abuse of Child(ren)
  • Traumatic Neglect of Child(ren)
  • Traumatic Emotional/Psychological Abuse of Child(ren)
  • Parent/Caregiver Trauma
  • Overall Trauma

Post-Trauma Well-Being Domain

The Post-Trauma Well-Being domain is distinguished from the NCFAS Child Well-Being domain in that it focuses specifically on recovery and healing of children after trauma has occurred, on the status of the parent/caregiver following trauma to the parent/caregiver and/or the child, and on the parent/caregiver’s ability to support the child during the recovery/healing period.

The Post-Trauma Well-Being domain comprises the following subscales:

  • Post-Traumatic Cognitive and Physical Well-Being of Child(ren)
  • Post-Traumatic Emotional/Psychological Well-Being of Child(ren)
  • Post-Traumatic Social Functioning of Child(ren)
  • Post-Trauma Parent/Caregiver Support of Child(ren)
  • Post-Trauma Parent/Caregiver Well-Being
  • Overall Post-Trauma Well-Being

Field-Test Findings

NFPN, in cooperation with Dr. Ray Kirk, conducted a field-test study on the T/WB domains with stellar results. The domains were found to have high statistical reliability and convergent validity with the other NCFAS domains. Families made substantial progress following treatment for trauma symptomology.

The following charts are a summary of the findings:

Intake/Pre-Serve Assessment

Assessment Results Families
At least one Trauma subscale in the problem range (-1, -2, -3) 81%
At or above Baseline/Adequate on all subscales (0, +1, +2) 19%


Subscale Families with Mild Problem Rating (-1) Families with Moderate or Serious Problem Ratings (-2, -3)
Traumatic Sexual Abuse of Children 7% 6%
Traumatic Physical Abuse of Children 9% 11%
Traumatic Neglect of Children 23% 21%
Emotional/Psychological Abuse of Children 27% 21%
Parent/Caregiver Trauma 20% 37%

Closure/Post-Service Assessment

Subscale Families with Mild Problem Rating (-1) Families with Moderate or Serious Problem Ratings (-2, -3)
Post-Trauma Cognitive/Physical Well-Being of Children 10% (Mild/Moderate)
Post-Trauma Emotional/Psychological Well-Being of Children 8% 4%
Post-Trauma Parent/Caregiver Well-Being 13% 12%

To read the complete field-test report, visit:

Should workers assess for trauma if no trauma services are available?

In order to effectively help families, any trauma affecting family members must be identified. In addition, federal and state policies require family-serving agencies to address trauma. At a minimum, all workers need to be trained in trauma-informed practice.

NFPN has developed a guide for Trauma-Informed Practice that provides information and links to free resources to assist workers in obtaining basic initial training.

T/WB Training Package

What is included in the T/WB Training Package?

  • Trauma and Post-Trauma Well-Being Scale and Definitions
  • Assessment Forms
  • Guide for Trauma-Informed Practice
  • PowerPoint for Training Workers
  • Case Study with Recommended Ratings and Case Planning Form
  • Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)
  • Database for Electronic Entry of Ratings (available in March)
  • Instruction Manuals

Who may use the Trauma/Post-Trauma Well-Being Tool?

  • Any agency or individual currently authorized to use one of the NCFAS tools is eligible to purchase the T/WB.
  • The T/WB may be combined with the purchase of a NCFAS-G or NCFAS-G+R Assessment Tool Training Package.
  • NCFAS and NCFAS-R users may upgrade to the NCFAS-G or NCFAS-G+R with the T/WB domains at a discounted price.
  • NFPN recommends that workers have experience using other NCFAS domains before being trained on the T/WB.

How do I obtain the Trauma/Post-Trauma Well-Being Tool and Training Package?

  1. Complete the assessment tool inquiry form to obtain an automated price quote:
  2. After receiving the automated price quote, reply to the e-mail to request an invoice.
  3. Pay the invoice online by credit card or send a check to NFPN. NFPN is going paperless and you can save money by downloading all materials. Printed materials are available for an additional printing/shipping/handling fee.

Special Introductory Offer—February Only

All orders for the T/W Training Package that are paid in February include a free NCFAS-G or NCFAS-G+R Database that combines with the T/WB Database for seamless data entry of all the ratings. The new databases will be released in March.

Coming in March:

  • New databases for data entry of ratings on the T/WB, NCFAS-G, and NCFAS-G+R assessment tools
  • Spanish version of the T/WB Training Package


Please contact:
Priscilla Martens, Exec. Dir.
National Family Preservation Network

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