Highlights of 2014

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The National Family Preservation Network (NFPN) has had a busy and productive year. Here are the highlights of achievements:

1. A comprehensive research study with a number of “firsts” including:

  • First NFPN research study to incorporate all 3 of our initiatives in the areas of family preservation, reunification, and father involvement.
  • First time the NCFAS-G assessment tool was tested with Intensive Family Preservation Services (IFPS) with excellent results.
  • First time that exit instruments aligned questions for both the worker and parents with the NCFAS assessment tools. There is very close alignment between worker and parental perspective when families complete services.
  • Concrete services, step-down services, and father involvement all contribute to longer-lasting family reunifications.

To read the full research report, visit:


2. IFPS 40th Anniversary

The 40th Anniversary of Intensive Family Preservation Services (IFPS) was recognized with:

  • A gala event in Seattle.
  • An updated IFPS Nationwide Survey featuring 12 exemplary states providing IFPS services to over 11,000 families.
  • Creation of an IFPS website to serve as a:
    • repository for the history of IFPS,
    • resource for the field, and
    • host for the IFPS Coast-to-Coast Blog.

See the IFPS Nationwide Survey:

Visit the IFPS Website:

Read the IFPS Blog:


3. Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Instrument for IFPS

NPFN has developed and field-tested a CQI instrument for IFPS. The instrument is designed for use with review of case files to assess both strengths and weaknesses of IFPS programs.

The CQI-IFPS instrument will be released in January, 2015, and will include a training package with detailed instructions for use. Plan now to purchase this low-cost instrument to ensure the quality of your IFPS program.


4. New additions to the NCFAS assessment tools

Two new domains, trauma and post-trauma well-being, have been developed and field-tested this year with outstanding results.

The research study is currently being written and release of the new domains is scheduled for February, 2015. The new domains with accompanying training package will be offered as a stand-alone product and will be available only to agencies that have purchased one of the NCFAS assessment tools.


Year-End Savings

Time is short to purchase products this year, and prices will increase on January 1. If you’ve been considering purchasing any of the assessment tools, doing so now will save you money plus you will be eligible to purchase the new trauma domains early next year.

To receive 2014 pricing, orders must be placed and paid by Friday, December 19. Online payment by credit card greatly speeds up turnaround to ensure delivery before the end of the year. Please contact NFPN immediately if you wish to take advantage of this year-end savings.


Thank you for all of your work on behalf of families.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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