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Assessment Tools

NFPN’s premier resources are assessment tools that measure family functioning. The tools are evidence-based with established reliability and validity. They are used in a wide variety of systems and programs:

  • Home Visiting
  • Head Start
  • Schools
  • Differential Response
  • Child Welfare
  • IFPS
  • Juvenile Justice
  • Mental and Behavioral Health
  • Substance Abuse
  • Drug Courts … and many others.


Where and How Do Agencies Use the Assessment Tools?

1. Over 775 agencies nationwide and in 19 other countries use the assessment tools.

2. The states of Florida and Pennsylvania have the highest use of the tool in the USA, while Australia and Canada rank highest internationally.

3. Overall, 60% of agencies purchase the NCFAS-G (general services) and 40% purchase the NCFAS-G+R (general services and reunification). Large agencies, including two statewide agencies, use the NCFAS-G+R.

4. Agencies report that the most valuable training package items are:

  • PowerPoint for training workers,
  • Case Example with recommended ratings,
  • Work sheets for case planning and goal setting, and
  • FAQs.

5. Over 40% of agencies use the database included in the training package for computer entry of scale ratings, while 22% use their own data entry system, and 27% use only the paper form.


Buy Now to Save Money

The price of the assessment tools has remained the same for the past five years, even as costs increase to develop, test, produce, and ship them. Thus, it’s necessary to increase the price of the training packages in 2015.

Purchasing this year will save you money—and you can save even more with free shipping on orders placed by November 25.

Now is also the time to upgrade tools. If your agency purchased any NCFAS tool in the past 12 years, you’re eligible for a 20% discount on the NCFAS-G and NCFAS-G+R tools/training packages.

Get started here:


New Trauma Domains

NFPN is currently completing field-testing and analysis of trauma and post-trauma well-being domains. These new domains, to be released early in 2015, will bring to an even dozen the number of domains for the NCFAS assessment tools. All federally funded programs and many state funded programs require contracted agencies to address trauma and child well-being. NFPN believes that the trauma and post-trauma well-being domains will be the first-of-their-kind to address these critical issues.

Based on customer preference, NFPN will provide the new domains as a stand-alone training package. Current use of the NCFAS assessment tools is a requirement for purchasing the new domains. Agencies should ensure that workers have experience using the current NCFAS tools before introducing the new domains.

You can help speed your purchase of the new domains next year by locating your current license for the NCFAS tools, or the original invoice, or the year in which the tool(s) was purchased. If you haven’t yet purchased the NCFAS tools, now is the time!


Father Involvement Resources

NFPN provides training for practitioners to help them involve fathers in their children’s lives. The Basic and Advanced fatherhood training curricula include:

  • Script/Training Guide
  • Curriculum Manual
  • Video
  • Case Examples
  • Agency Self-Assessment
  • Activities for Fathers and Children
  • Overcoming Obstacles … and much more.

You can find complete details on NFPN’s fatherhood resources and obtain a price quote at:

NFPN also offers the fatherhood curricula as online courses. Recently there has been an uptick in the number of workers taking the courses online—it’s a quick and easy way to obtain father involvement training and earn CEU’s:


Free Resources

NFPN offers many resources at no cost. You can find them here:


Your Feedback Is Important

As NFPN continues to develop training materials, we want to know what needs you have. What products and services are you looking for?

Please take 2 minutes to answer our 1-question survey at:


We’re Available

If you have any questions about NFPN’s resources or what resources would be the best fit for your agency, please contact:

Priscilla Martens, Exec. Dir.
National Family Preservation Network | 888-498-9047

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