Join the Conversation at IFPS Coast-to-Coast

The National Family Preservation Network is pleased to announce the IFPS Coast-to Coast Blog.

Until now, there has been no nationwide system of interactive communication about IFPS. The blog provides a place for members of the IFPS community–therapists/counselors, administrators, supervisors, and advocates—to share their knowledge, expertise, research, resources, and strategies.

The blog is designed to prompt conversation about what’s happening in IFPS—on both coasts and in between. The posts will include news, information, opinions, questions, and surveys.

There’s so much knowledge within the IFPS community, yet we don’t often get to talk and share information. The blog offers us a place to meet, talk, and support each other. Together we can advance the field of IFPS through shared information and increased awareness.

The IFPS Coast-to Coast Blog is edited by two avid supporters of Intensive Family Preservation Services. On the West Coast, Peg Marckworth, a long-time IFPS advocate and community member, and on the East Coast, Moneefah Jackson, who oversees the IFPS program at The Bridge, Inc. The National Family Preservation Network and the Institute for Family Development are pleased to provide start-up assistance for the blog.

NFPN encourages you to visit the IFPS Coast-to Coast Blog, comment on what you read, and share it with others.

Please share this information and the blog link with your IFPS colleagues on Twitter, Facebook, e-mail, and in person.
Thanks for helping us launch!

Visit IFPS Coast-to-Coast Blog at:

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