Resources and Upcoming Projects

The National Family Preservation Network (NFPN) is the primary national voice for the preservation of families. Our mission is achieved through initiatives in the areas of preservation, reunification, and father-involvement.

Early each year NFPN provides an overview of our resources and a peek at upcoming projects:

Assessment Tools

NFPN offers assessment tools that measure family functioning: NCFAS-R, NCFAS-G and NCFAS-G+R.

The tools are used by over 800 agencies nationwide and 12 other countries. Dozens of research studies have established strong reliability and validity of the tools. A wide variety of child and family-serving systems use the tools: child welfare, mental health, behavioral health, juvenile justice, prisoner reentry, home visiting, schools, and many others.
The training package for each tool includes:
  • license for use,
  • scale/definitions,
  • case example with recommended ratings,
  • FAQs,
  • PowerPoint for training,
  • database software for computer entry with manual, and
  • CD containing digital copies of all printed materials.

For more information on the tools, samples of the scales/definitions, and research reports, visit:

To receive a price quote for your agency, please complete the online form:

Cultural Competence Training

NFPN provides a Cultural Competence Training Package that is used in conjunction with the assessment tools.

Based on a research study, the training gives workers an opportunity to test their cultural competence skills and compare them with other professionals who use the assessment tools.
NFPN encourages all agencies using the NCFAS assessment tools to consider this low-cost, evidence-based training.

For more information on the Cultural Competence Training:

Father Involvement

NFPN offers two fatherhood training curricula (Basic and Advanced) with comprehensive training packages including how to train on the materials.

The curricula are also available as three online courses.
The basic curriculum was tested in a research project on motivating and training social workers to involve fathers. The successful demonstration project laid the groundwork for developing additional resources, The Complete Guide to Father Involvement and the IFPS Guide to Father Involvement.

For more information on the training curricula:

Take the courses online:

Purchase The Complete Guide to Father Involvement

Download the free IFPS Guide to Father Involvement

Training and Technical Assistance

NFPN offers onsite training on our resources ($1,000/day plus travel expenses). We provide technical assistance on development, implementation, evaluation, and research in the areas of family preservation, reunification, and father involvement ($1,000/day includes access to experts in the field).

We’re always available, at no cost, to answer questions about our resources and help you get started using them.

For training or technical assistance needs, contact Priscilla Martens, Executive Director,, 888-498-9047.

Upcoming Projects

NFPN has completed the data collection for our study of the factors that contribute to successful reunifications. We expect the research report to be available within two months.

Intensive Family Preservation Services (IFPS)
NFPN is assisting professionals who are interested in creating an IFPS blog. Let us know if you would be willing to contribute by posting comments at least weekly.

Trauma Screening and Enhanced Child Well-Being
NFPN is seeking funding/partners to add trauma screening and enhanced child well-being measures to the NCFAS assessment tools. Let us know if your agency is a potential funder/partner.

Father Involvement
NFPN is seeking funding/partners to host a summit to develop a model for nationwide implementation of father involvement. If your agency is a potential funder/partner in this endeavor, please contact NFPN.

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