Cultural Competence Training

The National Family Preservation Network (NFPN) is pleased to present the Cultural Competence Training Package. This new resource is the only known evidence-based practice tool on cultural competence that is linked to a reliable and valid assessment tool.

NFPN, the Alaska Office of Children’s Services (OCS), and the Cook Inlet Tribal Council Child and Family Services Department partnered in 2011 to develop a case example that portrays an Alaska Native family. Then 55 volunteer social workers from three states and one international country completed ratings on the case example using one of the assessment tools (NCFAS-R or NCFAS-G+R).

Cultural Competence Research Study

A research study was designed to test for any differences in scale ratings based on the following demographic factors with race/ethnicity as the primary factor:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Race/Ethnicity
  • Location
  • Education
  • Number of Years of Experience at Current Job
  • Number of Years Experience Using the Assessment Tool

The research hypothesis: If the social workers rate the scenario similarly (i.e., no significant differences on scale ratings) using the case study based on input of the Alaskan social workers and based on an indigenous Alaska Native family, this will be interpreted as evidence that the NCFAS scales are, in fact, applicable across racial and cultural groups.

What did the research analysis show?

Demographics had virtually no influence on individual volunteers’ ratings. Here are the results for the primary factor of race/ethnicity: Two-thirds of the volunteer social workers were White with one-third non-White. There were no differences in the way White and non-White social workers rated the family in the Alaska Native family scenario, with one exception: non-White workers were very slightly more inclined to rate the Environment as being more problematic than were White social workers.

Other findings: The NCFAS-R and the NCFAS-G+R vary somewhat from each other, but do have seven domains in common. There were no significant differences between the scales’ domain ratings at intake or closure.

Inter-rater Reliability

NFPN has always emphasized “intra-rater reliability” of the assessment tools, meaning the same worker completes both the intake and closure ratings as the same rating strategies are highly likely to be applied at the time of each assessment.

However, agency administrators and academic researchers legitimately inquire about inter-rater reliability, and it is a desirable property of assessment instruments. This study provided an excellent opportunity to examine inter-rater reliability.

The results?

At intake, between 54% and 89% of volunteer social workers assigned ratings that were within one increment of the mean. The inter-rater consistency (reliability) increased considerably at closure, after more information was available to the volunteers. On all 10 domains, the range was from 72% to 89%. The scales thus exhibit good inter-rater reliability in the first study of this measure.

Cultural Competence Training Package

As a result of these findings, NFPN has developed a cultural competence training package designed for users of the NCFAS family of assessment tools.

NFPN recommends that workers use the assessment tools for one year prior to taking the cultural competence training. NFPN also recommends group training in order that all participants can benefit from sharing and from feedback on their ratings.

The training package includes:

  • Instructions for Use
  • Demographic Form
  • Case Example (Part 1 and Part 2)
  • Standard Intake Ratings
  • Standard Closure Ratings
  • Comparison Data and Findings
  • Cultural Competence Resources

With the low price of $200 per agency to train all currently licensed workers, NFPN is encouraging every agency that uses the assessment tools to take advantage of this one-of-a-kind cultural competence training.

Discounts are available for multiple agencies using the tool under one license. And, if your agency is not currently using the assessment tools, this is another good reason to delay no longer.

Cultural Competence Training Package

Cultural Competence Research Report (free download)

All NFPN Products (including assessment tools)

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