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5 Milestones

Celebrating 20 Years!

As we close out the year of celebrating NFPN’s 20th year of existence, we honor the founders of this organization whose enduring vision is the preservation of families. What higher goal can any of us achieve!

5 Milestones

1. Comprehensive Reunification Study
This year the National Family Preservation Network (NFPN) has undertaken a comprehensive study of reunification.

Factors included in the study are:

  • parent/child visits,
  • level of father involvement,
  • length of time the family receives services, and
  • weekly tracking of hours of services provided.

An additional component of the study is exit instruments designed to allow the worker and the family to provide feedback that can be aligned with the assessment tool ratings.

Data collection will be wrapped up by the end of December and an analysis and findings will be released by spring of next year.

2. IFPS Guide to Father Involvement
In August NFPN published the IFPS Guide to Father Involvement. The Guide reviews the current state of father involvement and provides a step-by-step plan to involve fathers over the course of a six-week intervention.

This Guide is recommended reading for anyone who works with fathers, as most fathers are either involved early in the provision of services or not at all.

The free Guide is available here:

3. New Assessment Tool
In 2012 NFPN developed an assessment tool for use in least developed countries. The tool was field-tested in Ethiopia and Nepal, revised and finalized based on feedback from the two sites and five other international reviewers.

The tool is available here:

4. Use of Assessment Tools Expands
NFPN continues to offer three assessment tools that measure family functioning. These tools are used by over 800 agencies nationwide and in 16 countries. This year NFPN developed a prototype for a Web database for the tools.

5. Cultural Competence Study
NFPN completed a study of the assessment tools that examines cultural competence and inter-rater reliability. The findings will be released in January.

Helping Families in the New Year

NFPN is eagerly looking forward to the year 2013 and all of the new opportunities to promote family preservation, reunification, and father-involvement.

We’re grateful for everyone who partners with us in providing evidence-based best practice and high-quality tools and resources.

Thank you for your selfless dedication to families!

Last Chance for 2012 Delivery

If you’re thinking about purchasing a tool or training package this year, please order today. All orders must be placed and paid by Friday, December 14, for guaranteed delivery this year. Online payment is available for quick turnaround and delivery.

Visit the Products page to view all of the tools and training packages as well as other resources that are available:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

An Outstanding Guide

Celebrating 20 Years!

NFPN is thankful for the thousands who use our information and resources and to the 800+ agencies that use our products.

An Outstanding Guide

I recently returned from a two-week tour of Australia and New Zealand. It required weaving through an intricate maze to get there:
  • 5 missed flights,
  • having to pay twice for the last leg of the trip,
  • mix-up in bags, and
  • general mayhem at every airport.

What I needed to get me to my destination was a guide! And what a difference it made when I finally connected with my tour guide. The problems disappeared and I began to realize that my tour group had the best of everything:

  • hotels,
  • food,
  • transportation,
  • sightseeing, and
  • no waiting in lines!

By the end of the tour, all of us could mimic the guide and we would have followed him over a cliff!

What I’m trying to convey is that an Outstanding Guide makes all the difference. The National Family Preservation Network (NFPN) receives frequent inquiries this time of year as agencies seek information and resources to begin new or improve existing programs. I’d like to recommend an Outstanding Guide to help you:

The Child Welfare Information Gateway ( is a service of the federal Children’s Bureau that provides print and electronic publications, websites, databases, and online learning tools for improving child welfare practice.

Here are just three publications that can be delivered to your e-mail inbox:

  • Child Welfare in the News — daily news articles
  • Children’s Bureau Express — monthly briefings on information and resources for child welfare (I learn something new every month.)
  • My Child Welfare Librarian — monthly e-mail giving links to publications with the latest research on child welfare

You can subscribe for free to these publications here:

There’s a wealth of other information and resources available on the Gateway. Everyone involved in assessing families should read the classic paper on family assessment by Patricia Schene, available here:

Looking for resources on Intensive Family Preservation Services? Here’s the link:

Some of the best resources on the Gateway are the issue briefs that provide a broad overview of a topic along with links to more comprehensive resources. Here’s an issue brief on family reunification:

If you are not familiar with or have not extensively used the Child Welfare Information Gateway, consider doing so, starting today–it’s an Outstanding Guide!

As we approach the end of the year, you can lock in this year’s pricing on NFPN’s products. Order now and pay before December 14 to ensure availability and delivery before the end of the year. For more information on all of NFPN’s products, visit:

Priscilla Martens, Exec. Dir.
National Family Preservation Network | 888-498-9047
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